Stuff I’ve written here and there since 2003……..(a modo de CV)

1) From April 2009 till december 2011 (when the funding stopped) I have written articles in two weekly basis for the digital version of the national Spanish newspaper El Mundo (the newspaper with more number of readers in Spain) A blog on medical issues for doctors and the general reader with my own illustrations

2)Sub-editor, writer and illustrator of the magazine Spanish Doctors. A monthly publication for spanish doctors to improve their English (sep 2010-sep 2011) untill the completion of a one year course

3)From 2005 till 2008 I worked as a part-time medical writer in the Communications team of Casebook, the educational publication of the Medical Protection Society. Since moving to Spain in 2008, I´ve continued working with them as a freelance writer. Most of my articles are available in their web:

Some examples of my work at Casebook:

  • Self started research and writing of clinical issues of general interest and adaptation to a broad range of medical readers.

Sugar is not so sweet- Sep 2006

Through the keyhole- Jan 2007

Missed opportunities. Sep 2007

Handling complains. Jan 2008

The challenging patient- May 2009

  • Reviewing and editing of articles written by our freelance writters
  • Research and writing case reports based on the main facts of real filed cases

Lack of equipment at sporting event- May 2006

A limping child. May 2007

Double check before you double jab. May 2007

Too keen to close. Sep 2007

A coincidental finding. Sep 2007

A sticky situation. Jan 2008

An elusive foreign body Jan 2010

Too quick to clear the spine Jan 2012

Writing and editing responses to “letters to the Editor”


4) I was a regular freelance writer for Hospital Doctor (UK) for almost four years until its closure on Sep 2007. Most of these pieces were opinion articles which required extensive research and conversion of serious information into ironic and humorous material.

  • Alien nation, 1 April 2004
  • Emergency Medicine and McDonalds, 10 Feb 2005
  • Grimm tales from A&E, 5th May 2005
  • Cleaning up our own act, 22 Sep 2005
  • Birth of a nightmare, 10 Nov 2005
  • Medical mothers 8 Dec 2005
  • Wake up to the dangers of life, 19 Jan 2006
  • The hypocritical version of the Hippocratic Oath, 23 Feb2006
  • How to get on as a foreigner, 30 March 2006
  • Spoiled for choice 27 April 2006
  • CPR deprives the dying of dignity, 18 May 2006
  • Give labour pain the push, 20 July 2006
  • So you think you know A&E, 7 Sep 2006
  • Any heavy goods to declare fatso?, 12 Oct 2006
  • What on Earth is a good Doctor?, 23 Nov2006
  • A&E over and out, 22 Feb 2007
  • Dirty hospital to blame for MRSA, 27 Sep 2007
  • Instant Wisdom in Paediatric Emergencies, 15 Nov 2007
  • An NHS Christmas Carol, 13 Dec 2007

5)Since Hospital Doctor reappeared with an on-line version, I contributed with several articles to the Doctors’ blogs such as:

  • my language skills should have been tested – March 2009
  • why, oh why, have we got new ALS guidelines?- Nov 2010
  • Sauerkraut and Brautwurst for Spanish doctors- Feb 2011
  • Spanish doctors bear the brunt of funding crisis dec 2011

6)I work as a freelance medical-cartoon illustrator for various publications and I have illustrated several medical books with humorous medical cartoons:

  • Primary Care English- (Editorial Springer). 2007
  • Medical English Guide I (Editorial Mayo). 2008
  • Medical English Guide II (Editorial Mayo). 2009
  • Guía práctica de los Servicios de Atención Primaria de salamanca 2011
  • Manual de buen uso de redes sociales para médicos y estudiantes de medicina

7)I have written other articles on various publications. Examples:

  • Exams cause collateral damage. BMJ Career Focus, Aug 2007
  • Twelve years of solitude. Reflections of a Spanish doctor in England. BMJ Career Focus, Oct 2006
  • Daisy the Doctor, Dr dose, Dr Grizzly, Dr Amelia Bedelia and colleagues- BMJ Christmas issue 2006
  • Look, no clothes. The expanding roles of nurses. Casebook , May 2006
  • Voicebox, BMA News, Sep 2006
  • Voicebox, BMA News, Nov 2007
  • Magazine: Cibermedicina – About twitter: Me ha dicho un pajarito Jun 2011 and Las edades del médico Nov 2011

8)I am one of the moderators of the Writers’ forum in We are well over a hundred members and write and edit each other on all kinds of medical and non-medical writing. I coordinated a group of 32 of us on writing a book for charity: “More Than Meets The Eye”

9)I have written several articles on freelance basis or by invitation in the medical Spanish daily newspaper Diario Médico:

10)Medical writer with practical articles addressed to children with a variety of pathologies such as diabetes, flu, ischemic heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease…etc and illustrations in Sixpartswater:

11)I have my own blog (this one!) where I write and draw cartoons about medical issues and another one where I display just my cartoons

12)I have been asked to collaborate several times with the Spanish Journal of the Primary Care Society (AMF)

13)In recent years, I have been awarded on two national writing competitions (2010, 2011) with stories related to children’s health: (Ramón del revés) For the awareness of children with learning difficulties (Sibyl hace un viaje muy especial) For children with asthma


14)I am a very active Twitter user (@mlalanda and @medico_cabreado) and I have lately coordinated a group of doctors and medical students to create a national guide of good use of social media for doctors as requested by the OMC (Organización Médica Colegial)


15)Winner of the member of the month competition for taking active part in the British Medical Journal doc2doc forum

16)Organizer, coordinator and author of a group of 32 doctors who are also writers in the making of the e-book “More Than Meets The Eye” (a book of 32 short stories that happen simultaneously in the 32 capsules of the London Eye” All profits for charity)






2 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve written here and there since 2003……..(a modo de CV)

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  2. Esto es lo que se llama un cv excelente. Pero no es lo más importante porque lo mejor está por llegar, estoy segura. Muchas felicidaddes, Mónica. Bss


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