Medicine with Science but no Con-Science

CON-CIENCIA MÉDICA is a word game with the terms science and conscience but also the title of my Spanish comic book. The spirit of it: What would medicine be like if we practiced with all the scientific rules but no ethics.
A review of the spanish medical ethics code through irony, humor and simple comics. Deontology made easy or even doctors deontology for dummies!

In october I had the great priviledge of having a poster about it accepted at the Pathographics conference in Berlin where there is an expert and very active research group on graphic medicine: PathoGraphics research group
Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies, Freie Universität Berlin.

The conference was a huge success. MK from Graphic Medicine has put together a nice little report about it here.

I want to share the poster with you all. It is a large comic but I have broken it into two boxes panels for easier reading on line.

This is what it looked like in Berlin (the pic is a courtesy of MK, thanks!)


About medico a cuadros

Mónica Lalanda, soy médico de urgencias, escribo y dibujo. Soy inconformista por naturaleza, si las cosas se pueden hacer mejor, hay que hacerlas. Callarse y aceptar....da úlcera.
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3 Responses to Medicine with Science but no Con-Science

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  2. Angeles says:

    Original e inteligente. Seguir el dictado del corazón, una práctica fundamental (de fundamento) para crecer. Felicidades, Mónica.


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